Lovely Surprise presents Dodo NEWMAN

Dearest friends,

Today let me introduce you a new artist.

Native of Hungary, Dodo Newman spent 7 years of her childhood in India, went to highschool in Iran, to university in Rome and Florence, attended artistic schools in Paris and England and finally settled in Berlin for a few years. She spent long years learning tint-drawing with a specialist in Japanese traditions , and a few months with Jozsef Burkus, trying different technics. As a self-taught person, she developed her own technic and now works on Plexiglas with natural resins.

Intense colours, flickering lights, sparkling feelings, silky forms and exciting symbols, the paintings of Dodo Newman take us viewers into an enchanted world where everything is filled with her  love for life.These paintings reflect a deep feelings, which are the essence of a very exciting life and many years spent travelling.

Now she can’t live without painting. Starting from eight in the morning, she stops only late in the afternoon, when the light starts to fade away.The sunlight is a key element  in her painting.

By chance I have met her in Cannes during the 63rd Festival of Cinema. She was offering  20 of her artworks to an auction for the Red Cross to help the reconstruction of Haiti.

Very few artists do this kind of philanthropic gesture, especially when they are not yet well-known.

Wearing her provocative «Fuck the crisis» tee-shirt, she appeared to me both strong and fragile, idealistic but determined.

For Dodo Newman to inspire others is this most vital thing in life.

Inspiration is the process of breathing in the air, the most vital thing that keeps us alive.

Dodo Newman aims at inspiring people to love, to hate, to think in a different way, to dare to do something they never thought about before.

Inspiring people to be and feel free for a moment, or an hour in their everyday lives.To stop for an instant and feel different for that moment in time.

By being an Inspirationalist, Dodo Newman inspires people and artists to achieve their dreams no matter what they are, just believing in themselves until the very end…

Just have a look and see if she could inspire you as well …

Warmest regards,

Mademoiselle Viviane-Lucie


Fuck the crisis

Talking together in Cannes

10 Questions from Lovely Surprise®

1. What were the upbeats of your career ?

In the life of an artist the biggest changing point is when he or she decides to actually live only from his or her art. Few years ago when I moved to Berlin I decided that I don’t want to paint besides my work I want the painting as my only work. I had a very strong decision that I made that even if I starve and have moments of hunger I will still paint, no matter what happens. So life gave me all that I had imagined in my head. In the first year I had very tough and big financial problems, I starved and was afraid many times but finally I reached my aim and in the second year I started finally to sell my artworks.

After a very hard and challenging year I came to a point when I reached the bottom of my energies and Soul. I had almost nothing to eat since 2 weeks, I couldn’t pay my flat and my studio and I thought it was the end of everything. In this moment of time I remembered my original aim and I decided to live and not to die. I created an Open Day in my studio and because of my strong will I sold immediately 5 artworks. Everything changed and I realized I can reach every aim in my life, anything I imagine if I am strong enough inside and willing to endure until the very end, fight in the most desperate moments.

2. What are your sources of inspiration?

Inspiration for me comes from everything and everyone that’s different. I cannot live in one place for a longer time, I need to travel, to feel inside the new and unknown.

The differences, changes and challenges are what inspire me. The more something is crazy, the more something that seems impossible, the more it inspires me and attracts me.

I am a very open person, I love every type of colours that comes from my past, since I grew up in India, where everything is about senses, colours, tastes, smells and spiritual feelings.

3. You feel close to …

To my own Soul, everything starts form within myself. When I am in peace and accept it, then I embrace the whole World. I am not attached to places, people, things, I aim at being “free”.

4.Your favourite work of arts (readings, musics, artists…)

I love everything that is deep and gives me feelings. I can get lost in classical music, I love opera and ballet, just as every type of music depending on my mood.

As an artist I adore all type of artistic form, our World is an empty hole without Art and culture.

For me the past is the biggest teacher in art, we should not forget the Old Masters, they give are my guide in my future path.

5. A magic place for you

India, the ultimate Land of Magic, where I grew up and my heart is still there.

But anywhere where there is sea and ocean can be magical for me. I love the smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves, the sun’s warmth.

6. Your favourite moment in the day

When I am working, thinking about art and while I am making art….

7. A sentence or an expression that moves you

Every heartbeat is a universe of possibilities.

Nothing is impossible: The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. Just never give up your dreams, ever!

8. You have a soft spot for…

- Pens

- Varied gem and coloured stones, minerals, crystals, etc.

- Shoes

- Candies, sweets

9. Do you collect something?

I collect quotes and wise sayings. I am a collector of things that make me happy and positive, when I read or look at them. I love to live surrounded by my dreams, things that inspire me.

10. What are your future plans?

I never plan, I have aims of course but I am always opne for the possibilities that I come over with. Flexibility is something one has to learn and this makes someone free inside.

In what way do you find Lovely Surprise® inspiring?

Lovely idea :-)

I saw in the first sight that this idea, concept is coming from a creative and sensitive person, who cares about others. I love everything about this concept, especially about its secret and surprising side, makes me curious. Lovely:-)



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Dodo Newman